Appointment Information

Booking an appointment can be done either at reception or by telephone.

We have emergency appointments which are available to book on the day during the week.  These are released at 8am and 1pm.  We also have routine appointments available which can also be booked.

Our reception staff are trained to ask questions about the reason for your appointment.  This is so they can make sure that you receive the appropriate medical care from the appropriate Clinician.

The reception team will ask you for a brief description of your problem and may refer you to an alternative medical professional such as a Clinical Pharmacist, Community Pharmacist of First Contact Physio as these may be best suited for your needs.

Our reception team are bound by confidentiality and we can assure you that any information that you give to them is treated in the strictest confidence.  Any breach of confidentiality will be treated very seriously by the practice who will deal with it accordingly.

If you are unable to attend your appointment please let us know as soon as possible so we can offer it to another patients.  Every week appointments are wasted as patients do not turn up and do not inform us.  This then means that we have less appointments to offer patients who need them. 

As part of our surgery policy if you miss 3 or more appointments you will be asked to register with another surgery.